Flame Coating Thermal Sprayers

Bringing the Worlds Coating Technology To Australia
Our Service Doesn't Cost - It Pays
Flame Coatings Pty Ltd was founded in 1960 and introduced thermal spraying technology to the Australian industry. We quickly grew to a full service company providing quality reclamation and hard facing facilities which include preparation, application and finishing with technical expertise and assistance being our specialty.
Our Service includes 'component reclamation' and 'new work applications' which includes repairing shafts, pumps sleeves, piston rods, housings, drums, cylinders, babbit & bronze bearings as well as hard facing with carbides and ceramics. We offer surface engineering technologies such as:
  •  Arc Spray
  •  Plasma
  •  Spray and Fuse Coating
  •  HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fusion)
Using advanced technology, we can re-build or hard face any surface.  Flame Coatings also offers services for on site coating and machining, grinding, welding and other maintenance services.
Our extensive experience of 50 years in the industry enables us to solve many engineering problems faced by all manufacturing and service industries.